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    Decisive Diagnoses

    At Independent Radiology Services, Ltd., comprehensive service is our priority. Whether you’re looking for primary medical image interpretation and consultation, a second opinion, or an over-read, we have the capability and expertise to get the job done aiding you in providing decisive health care to your patients. Our seasoned radiologists demonstrate respected expertise in all areas of radiology including:

    MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
    CT (Computed Tomography)
    Nuclear Medicine (Including PET)
    X-Ray (Conventional & Digital)
    Mammography (Conventional & Digital)

    Decisive Diagnoses
  • Professional Partners

    William F. Wosick, M.D.

    Dr. Wosick, a North Dakota native, obtained undergraduate degrees at the University of North Dakota where he majored in mathematics/statistics and the natural sciences. After earning his medical degree from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, he completed a rotating internship at St. Luke's Hospital in Fargo, ND. Dr. Wosick, certified by the American Board of Radiology, completed his diagnostic radiology residency at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

    Throughout his career, Dr. Wosick's interests have focused on providing comprehensive diagnostic medical imaging services, and partnering with health care providers locally and regionally in the delivery of quality health care. He has served on multiple medical boards and committees, and he has a keen interest in garnering broad support for the contemporary arts in the Upper Plains states. Some of his professional activities have included Chief of Staff, executive committee appointments, and medical imaging department chairmanships at various hospitals and clinics in North Dakota, Kansas, and Wisconsin; and Assistant and Associate Professorships at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine in radiology.

  • Rapid Results

    Rapid Results

    Waiting for decisive results of medical imaging studies can be frustrating and costly.

    Promptly interpreting all medical imaging studies delivered to us (whether it be via web based electronic image transfer, courier, or traditional mail) and quickly returning to you decisive results often within hours, not days, allows you to efficiently devote more of your valuable time to patient care. In addition, our radiologists are available for personal consultation. And, you can be comfortable knowing that your patients’ privacy is mindfully respected and protected according to HIPAA privacy requirements.

    We are securely positioned to provide the attentive, quality oriented, and rapid results you and your patients deserve.

    MRI Knee Sagital View MRI Knee Axial View MRI Knee Coronal View

About Us

Independent Radiology Services, Ltd. has contributed to patient care through hospitals and clinics, a neuropsychiatric hospital, private imaging centers, and independent physician offices since 1970.

In the 1980's, principals of the company formed a mobile imaging service to provide shared CT and MRI services to the Upper Midwest. Independent Radiology Services, Ltd. supported and assisted local radiologists in their interpretation of these modalities, or partnered with local health care providers to provide interpretive services themselves when local radiology support was not available.

Today, the group continues to provide a full compliment of diagnostic image interpretation services in Fargo, but also on an expanding geographic basis regionally. Independent Radiology Services, Ltd. welcomes and respects the opportunity to cordially share in the general and specialty care of your patients.

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